Notre-Dame de Paris

Still a beautiful sight when walking back to the subway, it’s good that they are still fixing it after the fire that destroyed the spire.

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The French Dispatch (2021)

Yesterday, I went to see The French Dispatch (2021). It was my first Wes Anderson movie, and I really got hooked on the Director’s style. It was really three shorts in one full length feature film, and once I got passed the first one (art-related) I really enjoyed both the 2nd (which I believe references… Continue reading The French Dispatch (2021)

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Taking a Break

I have been a software developer since 2012, when I joined Zuora as a Solutions Consultant. I was hired by Guillaume “G” Vives to help implement Zuora for their customers, such as TCS. I was able to move to the Engineering department internally, with the support of Tina Kung, who then became my manager. In… Continue reading Taking a Break

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