Taking a Break

I have been a software developer since 2012, when I joined Zuora as a Solutions Consultant. I was hired by Guillaume “G” Vives to help implement Zuora for their customers, such as TCS. I was able to move to the Engineering department internally, with the support of Tina Kung, who then became my manager.

In 2014, I received a LinkedIn inquiry from Lauren Tyson about Zendesk. I was interested and already in the process of interviewing with other companies. Since I recently moved to San Francisco, it was interesting to me to work for a company located in Mid-Market. At the time, I had no idea that I would be working for Zendesk for almost 6 and 1/2 years!

To this day, I still love the product, and the mission that Zendesk embodies. I got really lucky to work with great people such as Kenny Buckler, Christopher Thilgen, Om Bhat, and Alex Robson. And I have learnt so much, not only about programming professionally, but also delivering value to a company, orchestrating change and leading a team of very capable engineers.

I kept the advice of Hervé Larborne, the director of my engineering school in France when I graduated, back in 2011. Being an engineer means signing of for lifelong learning. The more I learn, and the more I realize what I don’t know.

As 2021 begins, I have the incredible opportunity to take a break from work and focus on my side project: building a camper van from scratch (well, from the base of a cargo van) and hitting all major U.S. National Parks, before relocating to Europe.

I take with me incredible lessons learnt, an experience of working with amazing people, and the opportunity to have worked in the heart of Silicon Valley. Now, Jenny and I are off onto the next chapter.

Thank you to all the people that have had an influence on me during that last decade, and I apologize for not mentioning every one. We, as individuals, are a product of our environment, and the people we interact with constitute a large part of it. Until next time!

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