The French Dispatch (2021)

Yesterday, I went to see The French Dispatch (2021). It was my first Wes Anderson movie, and I really got hooked on the Director’s style. It was really three shorts in one full length feature film, and once I got passed the first one (art-related) I really enjoyed both the 2nd (which I believe references May 68) and 3rd shorts.

It was also a good opportunity to try the movie theater right by our new place in Paris. After moving back to France, we just started going back to the movies. It’s a great thing that we found an equivalent to the AMC Stubs A-List in France, else it can get quite expensive to go to the movie. We are using UGC Illimité 2 and it costs us a little less than $560 for the whole year, which is roughly what we used to pay for AMC.

Having a movie membership is part of our plan to not have a TV at home in our tiny apartment. This gives us the opportunity to step outside and enjoy the movies on the big screen, while keeping our interior as minimalist as possible.

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